$uicideboy$ - The evil that men do

$uicideboy$ - The evil that men do
Исполнитель: $uicideboy$
Название: The evil that men do
Размер: 5.08 MB
Дата релиза: 22-04-2022, 02:51
Качество: 320 kbps

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$uicideboy$ - The evil that men do
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Текст песни $uicideboy$ - The evil that men do

when i die auction off all my body parts

lets see what oddy costs

under my skull the shotty's cross

got all these opps on my dick like it's made of metal

making so much money it's like my boss is the devil

she loved me she loves not i done ran out of petals

littered the ground with rose bits ill grip this thorny stem forever

a portrait of my pain an homage to my suffering

same tale i been uncovering

im staining the whole world grey yall get back to coloring

in this mental prison im locked up like a pitbulls jaw

Slickity slickity sloth

Thug Bach

Shoot up the mass

It will B minor

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